About Kits

Thank you for ordering your Memorial Keepsake with Thymeless Wire!

Here is some important information to help me get started on your keepsake:

The Monday following your order an inclusions kit will be sent to you with return postage. In this kit you will find labelled containers for your inclusions and explicit instructions on sending the kit back. Please ensure to return all contents, this includes the ring sizer (if applicable, set to the correct ring size) and inclusions amount card. 
Local clients may choose to deliver their kit personally to be left in the drop box located on the front porch or you may choose to send it back through the postal service. 
Inclusion Amounts
  • Breast Milk: 1 tbsp for up to 3 keepsakes. Please do not send me more than is needed. Do NOT send me all of your milk if you are no longer lactating. You can opt to keep one tube of milk back for future use or in the event your kit is lost in transit. I do store the second tube for two years. 
  • Cremains (Ashes): 1 tsp per keepsake. Please do not send more than is needed and please do NOT send all the cremains you have. 
  • Umbilical: 1 inch piece PER keepsake.
  • Hair/ Fur: 20 strand minimum at 1 inch of length PER keepsake.
  • Placenta: must be sent in pill capsule form. 2 capsules are needed PER keepsake. 
  • Formula: 1 tsp of dried powder PER keepsake. 
  • Dried Flowers: Please send a few samples of each flower you wish to have in your keepsake. Include any greenery as these add beautiful depth.
  • Fabric: A 1 inch square is needed PER keepsake.
  • Custom: Please contact me on Facebook to discuss your custom inclusion(s).


An important note on Breast Milk: before packaging bring the milk to room temperature, it will not spoil while in the post, this helps prevent condensation and soggy envelopes in transit. The milk can be previously frozen and then thawed or expressed fresh. Whichever your preference. If you are doing a local drop off your milk can remain frozen.